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house of cards on now tv

To launch the fifth season of HoC, we designed an integrated communication campaign that crossed social boundaries and contaminated Google and the territory. The aim: on the one hand to increase the expectation and stimulate dialogue around the series, on the other to strengthen the link between House of Cards and NOW TV.

NOW TV's tone of voice is pop, fresh and ironic. The protagonists of the series renewed themselves as pop stars riding - from a real time marketing point of view - two of the most discussed topics in that period: Trump's visit to Italy and the 2017 administrative elections.

NOW TV's House of Cards launch campaign collects as many as 3 first prizes at NC digital Awards: first prize
in the category BEST DIGITAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGN BtoC for the category Publishing and Media, first prize in the DIGITAL EVENT category and first prize for the SEARCH MARKETING CAMPAIGN category.

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