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Television commercial

côte d'or

Côte d'Or is authentic, raw and intense dark chocolate. For the brand, the link with the land of origin is essential and shows how the force of nature is comparable to the intensity of chocolate. 
For Cote d'Or we first worked on Digital communication that includes Trueview and Bumper from Youtube and social media content and then we created the TV commercial that went on air on almost all Italian channels.



On digital I worked on a body language that reflected the raw and bold soul of the brand. I played on the analogy between nature and chocolate highlighting dynamic situations through golden graphic lines that integrate with the photographic scenes. All the editing and animations are shown to the rhythm of music, evoking the land of origin.


On youtube we made a 15" preroll and several 6" bumpers for each product line.


On the Social side we have on adapted the preroll format to FB, while on Instagram, through stories we provided the user an interactive experience that would immerse him/her in the world of Côte d'Or.

Clicking on the first story, in fact, we move on to the second, where the animation of the chocolate breaks and the  the video awareness starts.

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