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gucci equilibrium

Gucci Equilibrium is a new business project for the social media communication.

It brings together the principles, insights and ambitions of the brand. It represents the balance between the aesthetics of our products and the ethical values of the brand. 

The task in the brief consists in simplifying current Gucci Equilibrium contents by transforming them into fresh and creative IG-friendly language capable of engaging younger generations (Gen Z and Millennials).

Cool and snackable storytelling and visual formats will attract and help Gucci aficionados as well as ‘curious, conscientious and motivated’ people, to understand the brand’s people/planet-oriented initiatives, eventually identifying it as the go-to sustainability ambassador within fashion industry.

As the heart of Gucci’s mission ‘to bring positive change in order to secure our collective future’, Gucci Equilibrium

will condense its ideal - its balance of aesthetics of what gets produced and the ethics in which the people who are part of it believe in - into a digital and IG-friendly visual idea accessible to everyone. 

An ‘about-like’ Story Highlight will explain what Gucci Equilibrium is and does. Followers will be able to tap on to discover the diverse themes that define it.

Instagram Stories featuring ‘informative’ polls

and stickers will help to initiate people’s understanding
of Gucci’s eco-conscious way of work.

Instagram Stories.

To intensify the message, the @GUCCIEQUILIBRIUM account will create a dedicated story, telling followers about Marco Bizzarri’s open letter ‘from CEO to other CEOs’ about joining the Carbon Neutral Challenge.

Complex themes are made simple and balanced

by being visualized as snackable pieces of information.

To do this we’ve created simple and explanatory animated illustrations and iconography sets,  making contents more readable and engaging.

Marco Bizzarri, Alessandro Michele as well as the Chime For Change Board Members will inspire the @GUCCIEQUILIBRIUM followers through quotes expressing what they stand for.

A human to human approach, warm and authentic, to make a real difference and to speak directly to people’s hearts.l content.

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