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I difensori della città

“I difensori della città – La nascita dei nuovi supereroi” by Marco Astolfi ("The defenders of the city - The birth of the new superheroes") is an adventure that speaks of change, trust, courage and friendship, set in the beautiful city of Milan.

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IDDC: Benvenuto

Cover illustration

The design of this cover has led to the reflection of how to enhance the history of superheroes in the publishing field going to attract the attention of various targets who are usually interested on science fiction or fantasy. That's why I extracted the essence of this book, going to enhance the duality that is represented by the two " styles" where the human side is represented with a simple sketch, and its identity as a superhero through the more defined colored splash, which is created by the ampoule that can be seen in the back of the book, ampoule that precisely gives powers to the main character.


Marco's novel tells, with great imagination, the story of two common boys who obtain incredible powers and their path that will lead them to save the metropolis. The perception of change, not only physical, the reflection on the responsibilities to act and, most importantly, to face that fear that makes, even those who are "super", simply a human being: these are the issues that, transversally, are addressed and analyzed through an accurate description of the characters.

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IDDC: Portfolio
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