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Air Action

For Air Action Vigorsol we worked on the concept of "Keep it Fresh" through a fresh communication close to the Gen Z target. Vigorsol is the trigger that brings freshness into every situation, making you cool.
The visual style refers to the digital world to which the target feels close using a computer language like glitch, window elements, split rgb and interference. A selection of content on the various approaches we have proposed.

Bumper awareness where we worked on the gamer target. The product creates a twist from a bad luck situation to victory.


Storyboard of a video campaign  we proposed, that will be declined in different digital and social formats.

wall ig domination

We created an inspirational and appealing wall domination thanks to the bold and cool Air Action Vigorsol visual language. The wall will be the rotation of 3 different pillars, linked to dedicated topics and consistent with the brand body language. 

The content pillars from where we started from followed the lifestyle of GenZedders identifying new visual trends. 

We have explored and amplified them, making them more relevant for the target and closer to their interests

and everyday life.

Content suggestion for Spotify contest.

Templates are all over Instagram. This is a really fresh and engaging way to express yourself and start a conversation

one-to-one with the community. Templates are an opportunity to be relevant with instant stories, linked to trending conversation topics.

The “Keep It Fresh” concept and what it’s going to mean for the community will be show through an Instagram Story.


It has been added in Highlight, like a “manifesto”.

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